The department which forms part of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Tourism functions as a regulator of all aviation activities in Suriname and ensures that such activities are carried out in compliance with those international standards, which Suriname has adopted as a result of it’s membership of international organizations such as International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO)

    Air transport is an essential element of the economic and social activity of a country and all the more so in the case of Suriname.
    CAD, the Suriname aviation regulator aims to develop and administer policies and regulations to ensure safe, secure, orderly and economic development of aviation in Suriname.

    CAD places great emphasis on adopting highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. Our vision is to achieve regulatory excellence in aviation safety and security through a well motivated work force.

    The main tasks of CAD are setting up national safety standards which are compliant with international standards; economic and safety regulation through regulation of air traffic services.

    Our achievements will be attained and maintained in excellence by our people for the benefit of all aviation stakeholders.