The RT&ED international known as the CNS (Communication Navigation Surveillance) division. Is a service providing department with the responsibility to keep the equipment used by the ATC (air traffic controller) and (AIS) aeronautical information services.

The primary purpose of this division is to provide 1×24 reliable Communication, Navigation and Surveillance services for air traffic within the Republic of Suriname.
as well as maintaining data and voice communications between our country’s air traffic control with the air traffic control of the neighboring countries.

The RT&ED is seen its job responsibility, an indispensable link within aviation in Suriname and thus one of the most important operational aviation departments

The various installations / systems must always be in good operating condition and maintained according to:

  • Compulsory International Aviation Regulations, as stipulated in Annex 10
  • Standards and recommendations recorded / suggested by the equipment manufacturer
  • Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) regulation

To ensure continuity for safety and regularity in air traffic, daily work is performed according to a preventive and correctional maintenance system which is always subjected to a technical / economic analysis.

For the certification of the operational navigation and surveillance systems, a flight check is conducted annually by a company abroad.

This evaluates the accuracy of the signals in the air, with adjustments being made immediately by technicians.

Technicians need to be trained regularly to keep up with the rapid developments in the electronics world. This is done through internal and external training.

Working in this division is a constant learning process. Everyday can be a new adventure since every problem faced is identic and has a deferent attack.