To be recognized as a world-class civil aviation, integrally involved in the sustainable development of a safe and thriving global aviation community that supports and serves Suriname.


CADSUR  mission is to ensure that the public is provided with a safe, reliable, efficient and user-friendly Air Transport System, being cognizant of the Standards and Recommended Practices developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

In carrying out its mission, CADSUR has a commitment to:

  • The safe and orderly development of Civil Aviation in Suriname, (acknowledging the Convention of International Civil Aviation);
  • Providing efficient and user-responsive Air Navigation Services to the national and international community;
  • Co-operating with other agencies in the facilitation, provision, and regulation of a reliable and effective public Air Transport System;
  • Providing an appropriate environment for the growth, development and enhancement of professionalism of its staff.